Kreative Kulture X She’ll B Good

They say that one of the most important things you can do no matter what field you are in is Networking. This remains true in the world of creatives. I mentioned in a previous blog that putting yourself in the same spaces as other photographers and even models is good because you never know the types of relationships you can forge with them.

Enters She’ll B Good. Now she not someone I met at a photography shootout, but she is someone I met on a FB group where models and photographers meet up and see who wants to collab with who. She made the post and I responded and a few days later we met up and had a shoot. She had a storage unit concept she wanted to do. A rule of thumb when doing these TFP shoots, models that come up with a concept more than likely have specific shots they want to do so its important and a good look to get those shots done first, then get your shots in afterwards if time permits. That way if nothing else they can’t say you didn’t understand the assignment.

A couple of photos from the first time we met up.

I showed up did the assignment and now leads to this shoot. I always had an idea of a shoot at a parking garage more specifically the one connected to the office where the studio is located (as I’m writing this blog.) Below is the mood board I created.

The most important thing when making a mood board is to be as detailed as possible. This is your way or communicating with the model of the look you are going for. Below is a few of the final shots.

Needless to say, the assignment was understood and the most important thing for myself personally was completion. A lot of times we seek perfection as we think it will yield the best outcome when it’s the imperfections that attracts people more than being perfect. Getting it done is miles better than perfection. When you are more consistent you are more susceptible to failure which is great because you get more opportunities to know what will work and what wont. If you haven’t, go and enjoy the video portrait I posted at the top of the blog.

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